I recently finished a Masters' Degree in Computer Science (Information Systems) at the University of Aveiro and I am working as a researcher on Advanced Telecommunications and Networks Group (http://atnog.av.it.pt - ATNoG) in the Telecommunications Institute of Aveiro, Portugal.
I am an enthusiast of Computer Graphics and passionate for games.

My interests and skills

Through the years I have been learning the technologies and tools used to develop games. I have a strong knowledge using C++ in combination with OpenGL and/or Direct3D. Also, from the University I have got a strong mathematical and software engineering background. Rather than C++, I have experience using Java, C#, Python and Lua. I am always willing to learn and improve my knowledge. I had an international experience as an exchange student (Germany, HH) and I am able to work in a multicultural environment and encouraging teamwork.

Curriculum Vitae: http://db.tt/XAG5fSF8
Bitbucket: https://bitbucket.org/daniel_santos/
Vimeo (Modeling/Animation): https://vimeo.com/channels/555155
(NEW) - MSc Thesis Demo Video (Dropbox): http://db.tt/5OtYUzIA